“Our lives are not dependent on whether or not we have conflict. It is what we do with conflict that makes the difference.” — Thomas Crum

Family Mediation

I provide family members with a private, confidential forum in which to open up the lines of communication. Individuals can talk to each other directly instead of through lawyers, petitions, and judges. I can help you resolve your unique family dispute while minimizing monetary and emotional costs you would incur in traditional litigation.

Family cases are particularly difficult because emotions and egos become entangled with the dispute and can negatively affect the parties’ ability to see the other position clearly. It leads to adversarial, rather than cooperative interactions. Rebuilding a relationship of trust depends on our willingness to look not only to our own interests, but also the interests of others. 

Litigation can be a time consuming, emotionally stressful, and expensive process. Families facing a lengthy litigation process are rarely able to preserve any kind of relationship for future interactions. 

Contact me today for assistance mediating your divorce, parenting agreements, and other family disputes.