“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” – Peter F. Drucker

My Mediation Style

I am a facilitative mediator. I take a client-centered approach, focusing on the needs and interests of the individual parties and the relationship between them. I act as a facilitator for the process and allow the parties to develop their own solutions based upon common needs and interests. I will ask questions and assist you in finding and analyzing different options for resolution. As a mediator, I will control the process of resolving your dispute, but you will control the outcome.

I want to ensure that you come to an agreement based on information and understanding. I will adapt my mediation style to meet the needs of an individual dispute if I deem it necessary.

What to Expect

I will begin the mediation process with a brief introductory meeting and discussion, either in-person, or over the phone. You will be given an Agreement to Mediate and a Confidentiality Agreement to sign before we begin the actual mediation session(s). During the mediation, each party will have a chance to explain what has brought them to mediation and to state his or her desired outcome. The parties will then engage in a facilitated open discussion in which they can generate options for a possible resolution. If it is helpful to the process, I may meet with each party individually and then reconvene with the entire group.

The mediation session will end when either an agreement is reached, or it becomes clear that there is no further progress to be made. Mediations may occur over multiple sessions if the parties are willing to continue. If an agreement is reached, I will draft a Mediation Agreement and obtain the signatures of the parties.  The signed agreement will be provided to the parties' attorneys upon request.